ISSMI Japanese Restaurant
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ISSMI Japanese Restaurant

Issmi Japanese Restaurant

About Us

The name Issmi is derived from the word “izumi”, which means spring water.  Spring water in oriental context represents cleanliness, purity, and freshness.  Incorporating this idea to our food, our goal at Issmi Japanese Restaurant is to prepare food of quality, striving to use the best ingredients.


Issmi Japanese Restaurant

We only use premium ingredients
From our fish to each grain of rice, we only use premium ingredients so that every piece of sushi is perfected and reflects the delicacy and precision or our sushi chef.  We welcome you to join our family for lunch or dinner, or call us to cater your next party to experience our taste.
full service lunch

Issmi Japanese Restaurant

Full-service lunch and dinner

We offer full-service lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday and also provide takeout, platters, and event catering.


Issmi Japanese Restaurant

Great experience!

Issmi Sushi is a casual place for everyone. Our team is committed to offering our guests a great experience!